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Online marketing for attorneys is hard work and it requires constant vigilance. According to studies by the American Bar Association, more and more people are becoming attorneys than ever before. This increases the competition and makes really standing out from the crowd very difficult. For some people, this puts them at a disadvantage: the people entering the law field are more likely to try new things for attorney online marketing and branch out from the “same old same” than those who have been doing it for years.

What can you do generate more business with attorney online marketing? Here are some ideas that can help you to start generating more leads for your firm in 2019 and beyond:

Invest In Google Adwords for Attorney Online Marketing

There is nothing better to get your name to your ideal clients than Google AdWords. For those law firms that need to generate quality business in 2019, and generate it quickly, this is one of the most effective steps you can take. More than ever before, people are clicking on search ads to get the results that they want. Before now, many people didn’t click on paid ads, but they are now thanks to some astute movement on Google’s part.

Still, you have to run smart, effective campaigns to see results. Choosing the wrong company to manage your PPC campaigns, or trying to do too much by yourself, can lead to pretty poor results. If you have a company that knows what they are doing, results should start flooding in.

Set Up Landing Pages

Landing pages are more effective at selling your services than pages and pages of online content. Why? People are already interested in working with you, they do not need to know more generic information about their cases. They want tailored information. By using a custom landing page, you can give visitors a snapshot of you, your law firm, and how you can help without overloading them.

Then, they will sign up for a consultation, a phone call, or whatever you want from them. By making information much easier to digest, easier to get through, and easier to fill out, you will automatically increase your leads. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for long-form content on your website…

Invest in SEO Services

When you successfully implement attorney online marketing and SEO campaigns, you will see results with extremely low costs. SEO takes some time to implement and get right. It requires time, patience, and the ability to work with Google’s tools to find the best possible keywords and approaches for your law firm. Once you get the information from Google, the implementation should be swift and flawless – Google doesn’t have time for “do-overs” or “try again.” Instead of waiting for you to get it right, they will find someone else who has done it properly the first time.

You want the content created for SEO to be optimized and efficient, but also valuable and interesting. This is the type of stuff that will bring people onto your website from organic search, social media, or word of mouth.

Get Reviews That Sell

Reviews are very important to your firm’s reputation, but they serve an even greater purpose: they can convert potential clients. People are doing research more often than ever before, and they often turn to certain websites for it. They will read the reviews left by past clients and make a determination about who you are and what you can do without ever actually hearing from you – so you need to ensure they see some good stuff.

Make sure that you have a wealth of reviews that are high quality – and make sure they are on the appropriate websites and apps.

Build A Better Website

Do yourself a favor and go on a few of your competitor’s websites and you will start to notice something: they all look the same. Too often, businesses build websites on templates that make the most sense for them or they simply search for “law firm website template” and plug in their information. While they might look great, people who are doing research will quickly see who is doing the bare minimum and using the same templates and who is going above and beyond to have customized content. Your website needs to sell your services to the general public, it needs to be optimized for Google and all other search engines, and it needs to work properly. To get all three of those in one website is difficult, which is why you might need help doing it.

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Highly knowledgeable about how to undertake Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects... Their strategies went a long way in winning the first page of Google.

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