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If you are trying to bring more people to your website in order to drive sales or build up your reputation, Google Maps SEO is probably something that you have overlooked for a long time now – but you shouldn’t do that anymore. Simply put, businesses that rely on people who live and work in their immediate surroundings absolutely need to compete with other businesses that are fighting for those clients AND conglomerates that have the market cornered.

Maps SEO focuses on localizing your business and connecting with people who are looking for a company located near to them. Most often, those people will take to Google and look for a service using the term “near me” or using a city name. Sometimes, they will choose a larger city name (for example, Philadelphia, Austin, Los Angeles, etc.) and other times, they will decide to search using neighborhood names (Bally, South Bend, Salem, etc.).

In May 2016, Google launched a new feature for its search results, Google Maps. While many people have interacted with this feature to get directions – there are other reasons for this feature. Maps SEO helps to situate goods and services near the searcher with a visual map that is mostly accurate. It provides visual content that helps users choose the best options for what they need.

For example, if someone is searching for a “wedding planner in Nashville, Tennessee” they will see the top three results pop up from Maps. Businesses can either pay to place an advertisement on these results or build up their maps SEO to get there organically. Those three results are more likely to get clicks and customers than businesses further down on the list.
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Localize Yourself With Maps SEO

Maps SEO gives businesses the chance to promote themselves online to local customers who are within a specific geographic area. This strategy works best for companies who depend on in-person services and products. Google can smartly pick out search queries that need local results, meaning that businesses absolutely must use maps SEO to situate themselves where they want to work.
When people have a demand that needs near-immediate attention, they take to Google to search for a service. For example, someone who has a car that doesn’t start in a town without a public transportation system needs their car fixed as soon as possible – and they probably don’t have time to weed through results on a search page. Instead, they will choose one of the first results that show up near the top of the page.

Maps SEO helps businesses to show up for those results. Since local business searches rely on geographic information, traditional SEO isn’t enough. In fact, it might not even work at all because Google doesn’t know where to show you – and Google’s goal is always to display relevant, up to date search results. Maps SEO increases your visibility for the people who are going to use your services and keeps Google happy.

One of the critical features of Map SEO is the local pack. This feature is that area at the top of the page, above a map, that garners a lot of the attention from searchers. With the right Maps SEO strategy, any business can get into the local pack. Ready to be that business at the top of local search results? Click here.

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps marketing helps businesses large and small promote themselves based on an individual area and location. Local SEO focuses on proximity more than almost anything else for ranking, and without showing up on the Google Maps feature, you are not doing enough – and if customers don’t know that you are nearby, they won’t show up.
Google does not offer a one-time fix to ensure that you show up on Google Maps. This is a routine task that you will have to do just to stay near the top. You have to put in almost constant work to stay in the first few slots.

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Google’s Algorithm Has Adapted & Maps SEO Is The Key To Unlock It

Google has recently caught onto the importance of delivering “near me” results to people who are searching for specific services or products. Why? In the past, people would simply search for “DUI lawyer” and end up getting results for lawyers that lived hundreds or thousands of miles away. If they didn’t realize it right away, they would be embarrassed.
Google realized this wasn’t good for their business model, so they started updating for geographic and local SEO results.

Some of the things that people can do to keep their Maps SEO up to date are quite simple. Through trial and error, we have discovered what these key details are – and, maybe more importantly, what they aren’t. It isn’t enough to just update your address and phone number. Instead, you need to be listed in certain places, work on keeping your reviews up to date, localize on-site content, update the schema, and so much more. Much of this work is highly technical and requires a practiced hand. We can help you to develop a Maps SEO strategy and conquer local search results.

What Does Good Maps SEO Look Like?

Once a searcher has searched, the Maps and Map Pack pops up in their search results. If that person does not like the results, or simply wants to see more, they can click the “more places” option and see even more results for whatever their search term is. From there, users are able to click to see more information, go to your website, or get directions.
For example, a search result for “DUI lawyer in San Antonio” looks like this:

Google always wants to show up to date information and would prefer to put people in this space who have paid to be there – that is how they make money. You will see this as a “promoted” Google search result.

You can pay to be here, which may be an excellent option for some companies. However, you can also put in some work and take steps so that you can be here organically. We can help you there: Click here to get started on building a website that Google will love.

Use Maps SEO To Optimize How People See You On Mobile

Most people nowadays don’t use a computer or laptop unless they are at work. Instead, they use their cell phones or tablets. This is especially true in certain fields where people need your services while they are on the go. However, most people are searching for just about everything on their phones because things are designed to be extremely user-friendly there.
Search results look just a little different on these devices, so those looking to optimize for Maps SEO need to take that into consideration. Building your content, images, and snippets for that online viewer can be extremely helpful.

Start by creating a Google Maps SEO strategy that can help you to a.) bring in new clients; b.) build your brand reputation; and c.) helps you to retain current, loyal customers. All of it starts with local SEO and ensuring that you show up on that Maps feature.

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Build Your Online Presence With Maps SEO Company

For those who have not worked to build an SEO campaign, it can all feel somewhat confusing. That is why working with a maps SEO company helps to develop your website, enhance SEO, and get you to the top of Google’s ranking all at the same time.

Building an online presence, which revolves around maps SEO, isn’t simple. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and then actually executing is complicated and requires experience to do it correctly.
Ranking higher on a Google Maps listing determines the amount of success you will have in an online environment. We have worked with SEO and Google maps for many years, building websites, improving reputations, enhancing reviews, and getting people to the top of Google in competitive niches.

Are you ready to grow your business and actually start competing? Localizing maps SEO is the best place to start.

Consider The Ever Changing Landscape

One thing to know about Google Maps’ algorithm is that it is an ever-changing landscape. This means that there are so many things that change on a monthly or even weekly basis. What was enough at one point may not be enough to be at the top of the Google Maps section anymore.

Following online guides can help you in the short term, but working with a company that spends their time trying to get to the top and then figuring out how to stay there will be far more effective.

Are local customers trying to find your business? Are you doing enough to reach out to them and put yourself where they search? The probability is that you aren’t doing enough in the eyes of Google. Click here to find out more information about how our team can help you to get in Google’s good graces.

Our team at Ion can help you with the following:

•    Getting reviews that help you to impress in the Google Maps feature;
•    Target the right local keywords so that Google knows where you are;
•    Local content marketing;
•    Optimize your Google Maps listing and make it interesting;
•    Building your relationship with Google through organic and effective search engine optimization;
•    Hyper localize your content;
•    Build citations;
•    Form relationships with local businesses through link building.

Of course, everything we do is always using best practices that will reflect well on your brand’s reputation and your name.

Choose A Top Rated Google Maps SEO Company

If you are still unsure about how Maps SEO will help your business, or you want some more information, the team at Ion Results Marketing is available to help you through the process. We are a team of professionals who specialize in Maps SEO, localized search engine optimization, and many more facets you need to be competitive on the market today. Feel free to contact our team so we can help you boost your rankings as soon as possible.

Keeping on the top of Google Maps is difficult but taking all of the steps is a sure way to grow your reputation and start to become even more competitive in your niche. This is especially important for people who need the business of those who are around them. We will help you to build a website that ranks locally and helps you with Maps SEO as well.

If you want a website that will help you to find people in your town that can actually use your skills and products, give us a call today.

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