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Law firm marketing services allow you to be found online, attract better cases that you want, and spend time focusing on your clients and their cases. At Ion Results Marketing, our law firm marketing services will put you at the top of the pack in terms of brand recognition, valuable content, and – most importantly – Google’s rankings.

Today, having a website is not enough – it is merely the first step. Getting the chance to represent clients that you want in cases that intrigue and excite you requires you to do more with your website – which is why you need law firm marketing services from an experienced company with proven success. For any law firm, an online presence and brand management is necessary to remain relevant and competitive. The better your law firm marketing is, the higher your website will rank on websites like Google and Bing, the more exposure you will get to potential clients, and the more brand awareness you will have.

Whether you work in a small town where your client base is limited and your competition is high or you work in a larger metropolitan area, you know that people take to the internet to find you – after all, that is why you build a website in the first place. But that website NEEDS to work for you at all times of the day – after all, calls don’t only come in during traditional business hours. They need to sell your abilities and your business. Top rated law firm marketing services need to ensure that your website works every day with every search. Search engine optimization, branding, review management, and more help to ensure that your website and name stay where they need to be.

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There are several steps our Ion Results Marketing team can take to make sure your firm stands out in the crowd:


1. Invest in Good SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of utilizing specific goal-oriented strategies to get your site ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Local SEO services deliver great results. Why? Many attorneys aren’t even thinking about local SEO. The sooner you start working with a law firm marketing service, the further ahead you will be because it does take some time to climb the rankings. However, when you have a team on your side that knows all of the tips, tricks, and best practices to get there, it goes much more quickly.

What are people searching for when they need your services? This is a pretty basic question that sets the foundation for almost all websites and content creation. The keywords that people use are sometimes quite different from what you expect. That is why Ion Results Marketing puts a lot of work into discovering those keywords and then building content around them. We will present you with a list of these keywords and then help you to determine which ones line up with your business goals.


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2. Take advantage of Google My Business (GMB)

Your GMB ranking is very important to your local search presence.

Our GMB law firm marketing services help to introduce your brand to Google so that they know where to put you and when you should show up in the results. Like everyone else, Google is a business and, even though it doesn’t always seem like it, they have competition. If they do not provide the best results, people will move somewhere else. This is why all good law firm marketing needs to make Google happy while making your website valuable.

At Ion Results Marketing, we focus on making Google happy by optimizing your Google My Business page (GMB). By optimizing that information, we are adding to your law firm SEO and building somewhat of a mini website for you. This is also the information that potential clients will see before they click on any results. By optimizing this space, Ion Results Marketing draws the attention of potential clients and gives them information so that they can call you right away. Sometimes, people will call the first phone number they see, so it is essential that your number is in that space.

Verifying your website and ensuring that all of your information (business name, address, phone number, and tagging) are all correct. This is the basic step that law firm marketing services should take.

Then, we help you to define your category so that you fit into Google’s guidelines for local SEO for law firms. You need to fit into the different categories and signal which ones your law firm fits into – being too specific can hurt you, as can being too generic.

Some of the current categories Google uses for law firm marketing include:

  1. Bankruptcy Attorney
  2. Child Custody Lawyer
  3. Employment Attorney
  4. Personal Injury Lawyer
  5. Estate Planning Attorney
  6. General Practice Attorney
  7. Immigration Lawyer
  8. Car Accident Lawyers
  9. Labor Relations Attorney
  10. Trial Attorney

We can help you to pick the categories that fit into your business practice.

Finally, Ion Results Marketing helps you to optimize the description of your business so that when someone does see your website, they get relevant information right away. This needs to be content that will attract the eye and entice people to click on your name. This description is short, so it needs to be potent. At the same time, we can help you to ensure that your images are of high quality and fit into Google’s standards.

At Ion Results Marketing, our law firm marketing services help to put your information at the top of Google so that someone doesn’t even have to click on your name to get your phone number or location. Instead, you are front and center using the Maps feature. Ready to be there and have more phone calls?

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3. Provide Valuable Content

The copy on your website can make or break the SEO and how Google looks at you, not to mention how potential clients view you, your staff, and the job that you can do. Law firm marketing services sometimes spend a lot of time building great websites only to deliver lackluster content, which is where you lose your potential clients.

Our focus is on keywords that are more likely to end up with a client that hires you – meaning we focus on the areas of law that your law firm wants to focus on, whether that is estate planning, car accidents, divorces, white collar crime, etc. Those keywords are then naturally woven through content, used in coding, and more so that Google knows that when someone looks for a particular area of the law, you are the best resource.

As a law firm, you need to ensure that your content meets extremely high standards and doesn’t put your name in any danger. The content of your homepage, blog posts, service pages, social media, advertisements, and anything else with your law firm’s name on it needs to be professional and perfected. At Ion Results Marketing, we take great measures to ensure that your integrity is preserved in all of the content we write for you while still ensuring that it reads naturally, is compelling, and puts prospective clients at ease.

Your website needs more content that it currently has – almost all websites do. Building out content that is compelling, sells without seeming salesy, and puts people at ease can be difficult and take hours and hours of time. We write that content for you, ensuring that it is approachable but professional, polished but interesting.

Our team at Ion Results Marketing constantly has new and innovative ideas to bring fresh content to your website, whether it is a blog post on some new trend or service or a video that gives a detailed overview of what happened in a high profile case.

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4. Collect Reviews From Past Clients

  • 97% of consumers read online local business reviews
  • Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a local business
  • 85% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations

Brand management is the most important part of law firm marketing. Reviews and what people think about your services are the most important part of law firm marketing – and they are also the hardest to control. The higher your reviews are, the higher your rankings will be on Google search results. Positive reviews start with your work and providing exceptional service. Still, you need to ask clients to review your law firm in a way that is straightforward and simple. We have a proven method to gather those reviews and ensure that they are going to the right places.

At Ion Results Marketing, we can help you to gather Google My Business Reviews that help your ranking. This means soliciting reviews from clients that you have helped so that positive reviews are at the top. We can also help to intercept negative reviews so that your score stays high and so that you can fix any problems that a current or former client may have.

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5. Website Optimization

Optimizing your law firm’s website is an integral part of marketing. Why? People expect websites to work and work well. Building out a sitemap that is streamlined and effective helps Google to better understand your website while appealing to current and potential clients. We use keywords to build out many of these pages, filling them with information, statistics, and enticing content.

Sound simple? For the most part, it is. However, there is a lot going on “under the hood” of a website.

The coding of a website requires specific things in order to show up on the first page of Google. Much of this is essential and without it, your law firm’s local SEO efforts are useless. This requires knowledge of coding and website building, Google’s best practices, keywords, and more – which the team at Ion Results Marketing has.

Law Firm Marketing Website

We start by building a homepage that is optimized and sells your law firm while providing relevant information. Often, this is the only page people will look at to choose your website, so all of the information needs to be there.

For effective law firm marketing, however, you need to start before the potential client is even on your homepage. Meta descriptions, title tags, and more are essential parts of SEO for law firms. When used properly, this information can sell your law firm without the need for a click.

6. Provide a Good Mobile User Experience

  • Over 50% of all local searches now take place on mobile devices.
  • People searching from their phones are more likely to take action.
  • 1/3 of clients use their mobile phones to search for legal information and book appointments.

7. Invest in PPC Advertising

At Ion Results Marketing, your bottom line is important to us, which is why we also suggest investing in PPC advertising. Our team quickly optimizes our clients’ PPC campaigns and helps their law firms to get advertising in the place where their clients look.

PPC helps your law firm’s business grow by utilizing advertisements where you only pay when you actually reach someone. We create a consistent, enticing message for potential customers that combine the right keywords, the right design, and the right messaging to produce clients and sales.

However, we don’t stop there, we are constantly testing and analyzing different aspects of your PPC campaigns and optimizing it to get you the best results. We have produced top-rate results for many clients in different niches – you’ve probably already seen our work.

Today’s PPC market is highly competitive, but we have helped clients with small and large budgets accomplish their goals and move toward a consistent client base and stream of clients.



With proper search engine optimization, great content, customer reviews, and more, your law firm stands out from your competitors. Boosting your website and business is a full-time job so hire experts at Ion Results Marketing to handle your web experience.

Armed with information about your law firm and our carefully honed skills, we can develop the messages, content, images, and website that you need to reach your target audience. Budgets and metrics will help to monitor performance and shape the growth of your client base. If you are ready to get started, contact an expert at Ion Results Marketing now.

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Literally the best online marketing team on the East Coast. The level of attention and results I've received as a customer of theirs has surpassed every expectation I had when I engaged them, and we've happily expanded the services we are receiving as we've moved forward.

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Arik Benari

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ION is run by solid marketing experts with a focus on creating a strategy that is effective and give you a good ROI. They are ethical and transparent which is hard to find from other providers that offer internet marketing these days. Definitely recommend them!

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Their thought leadership and guidance in performance marketing has shaped our digital strategy, delivered tangible improvement to all our digital efforts, and most importantly, helped deliver qualified leads to our sales teams.

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Highly knowledgeable about how to undertake Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects... Their strategies went a long way in winning the first page of Google.

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