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Local SEO services are very complicated and challenging to carry out – and they are only getting more challenging as competition continues to increase. Into the future, it isn’t difficult to imagine that the rules and policies will become far too much for businesses to do on their own. As a top local SEO service that focuses on web design and search engine optimization, we understand why some local companies are having difficulty trying to come up with strategic plans that allow for local optimization at any level, let alone carrying out that work. It is a lot of effort and requires a skill set that some people just don’t have – and don’t have the time to develop.

At Ion Results Marketing, our team is highly trained and experts in the field of local SEO, website design, PPC advertising, content creation, and much more. We have helped many local companies build up their online presences and increase their profits at the same time.
To help you work with a local SEO firm, you need to create a plan that will drive organic, targeted website traffic. We can help you there. Click here to get started or read on for more information.

Local SEO Revolves Around Google’s Evolving Mobile Share

More than ever, people are using their mobile phones, tablets, and watches to search for companies that they can hire or buy from locally. Mobile internet usage exceeds desktop access, and that figure will continue to widen as phones take the place of the traditional access points. Since small screen usage will continue to grow, Google needs to adapt to cater to that market, and so does your website and advertising.

Google’s focus on mobile has impacted local SEO more than almost every other type of SEO. It means that your strategies and tactics must change. At Ion Results Marketing, we have found many instances where a company’s website may look great on the desktop where it was developed, but it was a mess on mobile – and wasn’t converting. A focus on mobile is critical, but you cannot lose the desktop version. It is a balancing act that requires a keen eye and attention to detail.

The intention needs to be on the chart (known as the local pack) that lists local businesses and companies in a quick, easy to see method. This change means that there is an entirely new set of requirements for companies who want to appear there, and that algorithm continues to update on a regular basis as Google tweaks its requirements – and they don’t advertise the changes.

Since the team at Ion is continuously focused on our results, we notice immediately that your rankings have fallen and we get to work to remedy it. If you aren’t on top of the results and rankings, it can be weeks before you notice the problem.

Mobile users are increasingly savvy and understand how the internet works. This means that Google has to be on the top of their game, only advertising and displaying results that are top notch. Of course, these more stringent standards make it even more difficult for businesses to appear in the search results unless they have the best web designers, most creative content creators, top-notch advertisement management, and near constant communication with Google. Ready to get started? Call us today!

ION’s Solution: Start Small And Build Momentum

At Ion, we have helped companies who have already built local SEO campaigns but need support to keep up the momentum, and we have helped companies that haven’t invested in local SEO at all. Together with your team, we will build a plan that covers the basics and does the work to get you where you want to be. Then, we help you to maintain that top ranking. As you have read, certain facets of local SEO continue to change, and it is unlikely that what is working this month will work for the rest of time.
We can help you with the following local SEO campaign elements:

  • Mobile Friendly Development: A local business needs to have a well built, easy to navigate, responsive website. Without a great site, you might be able to rank, but it will be for naught. Even worse, you can put a lot of effort into local SEO strategies, but if people get to your website only to click away, you will be facing an uphill battle.
  • Link Building: One of the most significant facets of Google’s algorithm is link building. Getting inbound links can be difficult – but high quality, natural links can significantly improve your authority. Our local SEO agency can help to update your linking system and remove negative links that work against you.
  • On-Site and Off Optimization: Title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and content all require significant work to ensure that they help you to rank. By using keywords that people actually search for, you have a better chance to get those clicks that you need to convert.
  • Content Content Content: Google is getting smarter every day, and they know how to identify high-quality content – and they frequently reward it. You need to build content that is relevant, unique, useful, and shareable. This will help with link building and developing a sense of trust with the community.
  • Google Maps: When people search for your services, more likely than not, they will pick someone that shows up in Google Maps. Google needs to know who you are, where you are, and where you serve. We can ensure that Google gets that information.
  • Go Where The People Are: Our PPC campaigns will help you to market to people who are looking for your needs.
  • Keep Going: Once you have the basics covered, you need to keep going. We help you to ensure that your website stays fresh and relevant. We help you develop a sustainable local SEO plan that will keep you where you want to be.

To succeed in local SEO, partner with a company that has expertise in everything that you need. At Ion Results Marketing, we have carefully created a team that builds you websites, delivers content, and manages campaigns that all work together to get you to an end result.

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Literally the best online marketing team on the East Coast. The level of attention and results I've received as a customer of theirs has surpassed every expectation I had when I engaged them, and we've happily expanded the services we are receiving as we've moved forward.

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Arik Benari

Benari Law

ION is run by solid marketing experts with a focus on creating a strategy that is effective and give you a good ROI. They are ethical and transparent which is hard to find from other providers that offer internet marketing these days. Definitely recommend them!

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Daniel Stockmann

Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense

Their thought leadership and guidance in performance marketing has shaped our digital strategy, delivered tangible improvement to all our digital efforts, and most importantly, helped deliver qualified leads to our sales teams.

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Highly knowledgeable about how to undertake Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects... Their strategies went a long way in winning the first page of Google.

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